Google Recovery Services

Manual Actions – Penalties & Algorithmic updates

Recover your organic rankings, traffic and revenue for your business

We are here to Recover Your Organic Rankings – Visibility – Traffic

Has your site lost significant amount of traffic and puts your business at risk? Then perhaps it’s time for you to find out whether you’ve been hit by Google’s algorithmic updates or manual action (penalty). RankRecover is an experienced SEO Team that specializes in recovering organic rankings, visibility, traffic and revenue.

Most Common RankRecover Cases

Drop in organic rankings, visibility – Decrease in organic traffic – A warning message in your Google Search Console account

RankRecover Process

The entire RankRecover process is done manually and in-house.


Assess The Situation

Evaluate the severity of the situation by analyzing your sites’s organic data via Search Console.

Find The Problem

Idenfity the root cause of the problem via a technical, onsite or offsite SEO audit.

Run Recovery Plan

Setup and execute a tailored made recovery plan for your site based on our SEO audits.


Performance Monitoring

Monitor, document and communicate with you the RankRecover status of your site.

RankRecover Recovery Services

Panda Recovery Service

Google’s Panda algorithm is after low quality sites that have excessive amount of duplicate,  thin content that has no actual value for users.

Penguin Recovery Service

Google’s Penguin algorithm affcts websites that are trying to manipulate the organic rankings via low quality of backlinks.

Phantom Recovery Service

Google’s Phantom algorithmic updates are based on several different ranking signals such as: user intent, page design, bounce rate, time on site, 404 errors, etc..

Revoke Manual Actions

Google Penaltis are most of the times due to unnatural links pointing to your site, hacked content or maliware found on your site, etc..

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