Matt Cutts: How long does it take for Googlebot to re-crawl a page?

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Claytonseo from South Africa asks,
“Say you’re index page or any page on your site, has been cached by Google, crawled then indexed by Google, and then you change the meta-description. How long does it take for a Google bot to re-crawl that page? Or must you request it via Webmaster Tools? Thanks.”
So essentially, Claytonseo is asking,” well you know, you’ve crawled my page, how often can I expect to have it refreshed?” And we set a goal that we refresh a large fraction of our index every few days. It used to be that we would crawl the web and re-index it roughly every month. And while you would still love to refresh every single part of your index on, you know, roughly that kind of a timeframe, sometimes content changes very slowly.

So there are a few cases where if we haven’t seen the content change the last 18 times that we’ve visited, then maybe the 19th time we’ll wait even longer. But, in general, when there’s regular content and it’s in our opinion, its important content, we will try to revisit that page relatively often to see where there is change or whether there is any new information on it.
So usually you shouldn’t need to wait more than a few days. It can happen that if you have not very much page rank, or your page hasn’t changed that much for a very long time, then it can take longer, but in the typical case it shouldn’t take very long at all.

Quick Answer: Typically a few days

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