Matt Cutts: Is eating the same sandwich every day duplicate content?

Video transcription

CUTTS: Here is a question from Canada. Quentin from Vancouver says,
“Hi, Matt, I have the same sandwich for lunch every day. Will I be punished by Google for duplicate content?” No..”Can the canonical tag help me here?”
Not really. It doesn’t work in meat space yet or sandwich space. It only works in web space. He says, “I can’t get enough Reuben sandwiches!” Power to you. Although, Reuben’s are a little bad for you.

You might consider turkey, ham, you know, a little thin BLT, so tasty. Anyway, that, don’t worry about.
But the canonical tag is helpful to splat canonical list so you can clean up the architecture of your site.
Don’t worry about having the same sandwich for lunch everyday.

Quick Answer: No

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