Matt Cutts: Is Google doing anything different for Twitter results?

Video transcription

CUTTS: We have a question from Matt in California. This is not me Matt. This is some other Matt in California who asks,
“Is Google doing anything different when it comes to serving up Twitter results?”
And the answer is that no, we’re not doing anything different.
We have our Web Search results and if a lot of people link to a particular twit or a particular message that someone did on Twitter, then we think that’s really relevant and we see the content of that page or that status message and we’ll just return it within our normal scoring.

So, we look at the content of the page, which is, you know, probably pretty short, a 140 characters or less for the core of the message.
We look at the people that link to it and what they said when they linked to it. But it’s not as if we do anything different in our scoring for Twitter or we do anything really strange or anything like that.
We treat them just like normal Web pages. So we crawl the Web and it’s part of crawling the Web.
We end up crawling a lot of different twits or Twitters by different people on Twitter, and so they just get ranked normally. So there’s no special sauce or anything differently going on within our search results for just showing Twitter.

Quick Answer: No

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